Corporate Services (Singapore)

Singapore, one of the most conducive environments for businesses, is well-recognized as a global business hub today. Attributable to the business-friendly regulations, it has attracted many MNCs and start-ups to incorporate within. Investors have come to appreciate the pro-business nature of Singapore due to:

  • Superb business infrastructure

  • Political stability with parliamentary democracy

  • Well-equipped and skilled workforce

  • Pro-business policies

  • Ease of application procedures

  • Availability of Government funding

  • Low start-up costs and tax regimes

  • Strong economic ties with most of the leading economies

At BizSupport, you will receive complete assistance at every step of the process of establishing a business entity in Singapore. We offer a wide range of services, but not limiting to:

  • Incorporation

  • Immigration Support

  • Payroll

  • Accounting


Corporate Services (Singapore)

If you are seeking affordable and dependable assistance to incorporate an offshore or local company, look no further. BizSupport provides a comprehensive service on offshore and local company setup.

Our comprehensive Singapore Incorporation services help you set up and establish your company in the most cost effective and efficient manner. We assist in the formation of your business, making the whole process much easier. Some documents will be collected from you and the rest of the incorporation process will be dealt with by us.

Benefits of using our services:

  • Eliminate the risk of misplacing corporate secretarial documents

  • Enjoy greater convenience

  • Manage compliance and regulations without hindrance

  • Acquiring a professional with ample experience of the local legal practices

Our range of corporate secretarial services includes the following:

  • Company Incorporation

  • Maintaining Statutory Registers and Minute Books

  • Preparing minutes and/or resolutions of Directors and Shareholders

  • Filing of Annual Returns

  • Registered office

  • Company strike off

Setting Up Recruitment Agencies

BizSupport is also specialised in recruitment agency incorporation which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Application of Employment Agency Licence

  • Course and licence for Employment Agency personnel

  • Sourcing for Insurance

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Immigration Support

The vision of Singapore as a multinational hub meant that an open manpower policy was in force. Talent was encouraged to relocate here, meaning that immigration requirements became expansionary. The policy succeeded in spurring growth but at the same time, the population grew from about 1.8m (1965) to 5.5m (2015) with about a third comprising of foreigners.

The political backlash in declining electoral votes resulted in a tightening of immigration policies from 2012 to the present. Initially, it was focused on the lower wage workers but from 2013, the guidelines extended to the professionals. It’s not a question of shutting the doors but policies dictate that fair consideration needs to be given to locals first.

Innovare is a fully licensed company recognized by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). We help companies navigate Singapore’s immigration regulations when they want to explore applying for their staff and families.

We provide advice and assistance on applications for the following:

  • Employment Pass for Professionals

  • Upgrading of S Pass to Employment Pass

  • Dependant Pass for Spouse and Children (For EP holders)

  • Long term Pass for Parents (For EP holders)

  • Letter of Consent to work in Singapore

  • Student Pass to study in Singapore

  • Appeal for Rejected Cases

Our service includes:

  • Evaluation of your requirements and recommending the correct permit to apply for

  • Review of your eligibility

  • Assistance in filling the necessary forms

  • Collection and review of your documents to ensure correctness

  • Lodgement of the application

  • Providing any clarifications required by MOM

  • Follow-up for approval

  • Coordinate on the issuance of your pass

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never worry about payday

Payroll Services

By outsourcing your non-core payroll function to us, you will enjoy flexibility and control of running payrolls while focusing on other business decisions.

Our team of experienced professionals, together with the use of our payroll software, are fully armed with the expertise to manage your payroll functions. This ensures compliant with ever-changing labour and employment regulations.

Benefits of using our service:

  • Reduced legal exposure keeping up-to-date with compliance regulations

  • No purchases of payroll software or additional equipment required

  • Reduce staff cost

  • Requires minimum set-up time and effort

  • Flexibility to accommodate changes in employee size

Our payroll outsourcing service features:

  • On-time payroll processing upon receipt to pre-agreed deadline

  • Monthly payroll report

  • Monthly report on CPF and other statutory contributions (CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, and ECF contributions)

  • E-payslips with company logo

  • Submission of mandatory monthly contributions to Central Provident Fund (CPF), the statutory pension fund in Singapore

  • Completion of Year-End returns according to local statutory compliance (IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B and IR21 for foreigners leaving the country)

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Accounting Services

Every business establishment is required to keep adequate accounting records such that the profit or loss of the business can easily be ascertained. However, it may not be economically efficient to hire a full-fledged accounting department in your company.

Outsourcing your accounting function allows you to focus on strategic issues and your other important business activities. Our team of professionals provide timely delivery of accounts, with full client confidentiality at competitive rates. You can avoid issues related to your company’s staffing and enjoy, with peace of mind, when taking accounting services from us.

Benefits of using our services:

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • No need to purchase software or equipment

  • No software/equipment maintenance costs

  • Avoid paying staff salary, CPF and benefits

  • Eradicate problems caused by staff turnover and thus ensure continuity of accounting service

  • Assurance of compliance as our team of specialists is experienced and well-trained on technical matters

Our range of account services includes the following:

  • Creation of account codes for assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses for the purpose of bookkeeping of Company transactions

  • Transaction entries into accounting software

  • Preparing financial documents such as:

    • General Ledger

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Income Statement

    • Balance Sheet

    • Bank reconciliation

  • E-payslips with company logo

  • Preparation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) schedule to support the completion and  submission of GST Return (GST Form5) to the Comptroller of GST

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