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Innovare works in partnership you, the client, to ensure your contractors are compliant with local laws and regulations. Our solutions provide a compliance firewall protecting you from compliance risk associated with engaging contract workers.

Innovare is a leading Employer of Record service in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. As a vendor-neutral group, Innovare is not owned or directly affiliated with any recruiter. However, we work with many credible recruitment companies who partner with us to deliver a one stop recruitment come management service.

Since 2000 we have developed significant expertise in providing Employer of Record services to contractors in Asia Pacific and beyond.

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Benefits of Innovare Group

Innovare focuses on the administration and management of your contractor’s in-country, leaving you to focus on your core competencies. We will act as a compliance firewall, protecting you from the potential risks of exposure to non-compliant workers.

Innovare is vendor-neutral and as such we are not owned or directly affiliated with any recruiter. Innovare has partnerships with over 100 recruiters worldwide and can leverage these relationships to efficiently and cost-effectively engage, retain and manage your talent.

Innovare has partnerships with over 100 recruiters worldwide.

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what we have to offer

Our Services include:

  • Employer of Record

    • Sponsored as an Innovare project staff, where applicable

    • Payroll Administration

    • Tax / Social Security Processing

  • Payroll for Employed, Limited Company and Self-Employed Contractors

  • Immigration (for expatriates)

    • Sponsored Work Permits or Equivalent

    • Front to End Assistance in the Application Process

  • Risk Mitigation

    • Mandatory Insurances

    • Professional Indemnity Insurance

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