SG news APAC update

SG news APAC update

Singapore: Enhanced Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

From 1 August 2023, employers and employment agents can use an enhanced Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to obtain an indicative outcome, including COMPASS scores for Employment Permit (EP) applications. 

This resource will be able to help your organisation to evaluate skills, knowledge, performance, or adherence to standards. Reliable and well-designed SATs offer insights that lead to self-improvement and better outcomes in various areas. 

The enhanced SAT should be used to assess EP applications which are to be submitted from 1 September 2023 onwards. Due to the sensitivity of the firm-level scores required for the COMPASS framework, an EP eService (formerly EP Online) account is needed to use the enhanced SAT. 


From 1 September 2023, new EP candidates must pass a two-stage eligibility framework. In addition to meeting the qualifying salary (Stage 1), EP candidates must pass a points-based Complementarity Assessment (COMPASS) Framework (Stage 2). COMPASS will also apply to renewals for passes expiring from 1 September 2024.

COMPASS evaluates EP applications based on a set of individual and firm-related attributes, with four foundational criteria (individual salary and qualifications, company diversity and support for local employment) and two bonus criteria (for jobs on the shortage occupation list, and strategic partnership with the government).

Candidates are exempted from COMPASS if they fulfil any of these conditions:

  1. Earning at least SGD 22,500 fixed monthly salary (similar to the prevailing Fair Consideration Framework job advertising exemption from 1 September 2023).
  2. Applying as an overseas intra-corporate transferee under the World Trade Organisation’s General Agreement on Trade in Services or an applicable Free Trade Agreement that Singapore is party to.
  3. Filling a role on a short-term basis (i.e., 1 month or less).

Navigating the new employment landscape in Singapore requires precision, insight and expertise. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the SAT and COMPASS framework, making it easier for your business to succeed.

The information presented is sourced from Lexology.