Innovare Indonesia (PT. Indo Java Makmur) is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and is a member of the Innovare Group.

Indonesia offers tremendous opportunities for the early movers. However, most organisations venturing into Indonesia face roadblocks that often make the processes we take for granted elsewhere a challenge here. Basic necessities like employment of a foreigner, administering of payroll, paying taxes are not that straightforward.

How Innovare Indonesia can assist:

  • Immigration Services

  • Payroll Administration

    • Tax Management

    • Social Security Management

    • Benefits Management

  • Employer of Record Services

  • Local Billing Services

  • Payment Services

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Immigration Services

Persons coming to Indonesia to work are required to be “sponsored” or “invited” by a local company. There are a variety of options depending on the purpose and duration of the trip. Innovare can advice on the appropriate option. In addition, we can facilitate the entry into Indonesia through the correct sponsorship.

Payroll Administration

Payroll is an essential function of any organisation but yet harbours complications as it requires understanding of Labour and Tax Laws. It is more than just the payment of salaries.

In an emerging economy like Indonesia where, the law and practices often differ and one needs to find an acceptable middle ground, having taken into account both guidelines. Our Indonesia-based payroll outsourcing team can support you in:

  • Timesheet processing, where applicable

  • Complete and accurate payroll including adjustments, overtime, expenses etc

  • Range of payslips (electronic and paper based)

Tax Management

  • Full compliance with statutes and applicable laws

  • Monthly reports & statutory returns

  • Year-end reporting

  • Application to leave Indonesia – Tax Clearance

Social Security Management

  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Social Security) reporting and returns

  • Dana Pensiun (Pension Fund) reporting and returns

  • Multi-currency payroll calculation (IDR, USD)

Benefits Management

  • Tracking and reporting on company benefits (eg. Leave, statutory benefits)

  • Maintenance and administration of paper employee personnel files and the database of employee personal data

  • Tracking employee holidays, determining holiday entitlement, limits and recording other absences

  • Monitoring duration of expiring employment contracts

Employer of Record Services

For short term contractors into Indonesia, Innovare can support your projects by acting as the employer of record. This includes:

  • Individual employee registration

  • Contract preparation

  • Onboarding of contractors

  • Full payroll management (including tax, social security)

  • Payment of contractors

Local Billing Services

In the event that you do not have an entity in Indonesia, Innovare can act as your representative for the purpose of billing your clients on your behalf.

This service includes:

  • Assistance in collaborative collection of monies

  • Full compliance with prevailing tax laws

  • Management of your margins

Payment Services

The banking system in Indonesia is still regaining its foothold. Nevertheless, payment process taken for granted in many other jurisdictions remain a challenge locally.

With a local team and established entity as well as processes, Innovare can facilitate payments on behalf of individuals and companies.

Multi-Currency and multi Jurisdiction

As we have our own establishments throughout AsiaPacific, we are able to facilitate inbound and outbound payments on your behalf in the major currencies.


As Innovare deals with a large number of multinational as well as smaller corporations, we recognise that confidentiality is of paramount importance. We abide by the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore dated 2 July 2014. Whilst these are strict requirements of our head office in Singapore, the principles and processes are applied throughout the Group. You can be assured that your confidential data are protected.

Our Team

Our capable team of local Indonesia residents are well versed in local procedures and standards.

Innovare Team

In addition, Innovare Indonesia's team is well supported by the head office team based in Singapore to ensure that our customers receive the high standard of confidentiality and service they have come to expect.

We have the privilege of supporting a large variety of companies ranging from the multinational companies to the smaller set-ups. Please refer to the testimonials.

We look forward to discussing your requirements.
We are keen to partner you in your expansion into Indonesia. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

PT. Indo Java Makmur

SOHO Pancoran
Unit 2105 Splendor Tower
Jalan MT. Haryono Kavling 2-3, Pancoran
Jakarta 12810, Indonesia

Tel : +62 21 5011 6092
Mobile: +62 811 1477741

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Travel and entry requirements:

  • Foreigners are temporarily prohibited to enter into Indonesia until further notice except for:

    • Diplomatic visa and official holders related to official visits limited to minister level

    • Diplomatic Stay Permit and Official Stay Permit holders

    • Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS) and Permanent Stay Card (KITAP) holders

  • Those exempt above can enter Indonesia with implementation of a strict health protocols.

  • The government has implemented a Restriction on Public Activities (PPKM) on the Micro-Scale from 9 to 22 February 2021.

  • All travelers entering Indonesia must show a negative result of RT-PCR test in the country of origin whose samples are taken within a maximum period of 48 hours prior to departure.

  • Travelers are required to undergo a RT-PCR examination upon arrival in Indonesia. If the result is negative, it is only then that they can proceed to quarantine.

  • Domestic travel activities are tightened and require a negative antigen rapid test result for all domestic travels via train service that is valid for 72 hours at the time of departure.

Quarantine and Health Requirements:

  • Compulsory quarantine for 5 days at a quarantine accommodation designated by the government. After the quarantine period, another RT-PCR test is carried out and travelers will only be released if the second test result is negative.

  • A random rapid test will be done for all land and water-based travels.

  • A specific restriction and requirements may vary according to the condition of each region.

Updated as at 9 February 2021:

Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19, there has been a constant change in terms of work permit process, timeline, travel restrictions, quarantine period, medical tests as well as insurance requirements etc. All these requirements can change by the respective authorities in both country of work and candidate’s home country from time to time. The process, timeline and costs that Innovare provides is a guideline and is subject to change if any process is being changed. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure its accuracy at the time of communication, Innovare cannot guarantee nor be liable for such change in timeline or costs arising from any pandemic related factors so please take note of the potentially volatile situation during this period.

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