Navigating Hong Kong's Dynamics
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Hong Kong is one of the world's largest financial hub, with ever-evolving economic policies and politics. We help you navigate their incredibly detailed labour and employment laws so you can enjoy financial benefits when growing your business in Hong Kong.

Strategic Recruitment Expertise

We understand the pivotal role that the right talent plays in the success of your business. Our approach to recruitment is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a perfect match between your organisation and our global talent pool.

Brief Overview

Innovare Hong Kong

Hong Kong has come a long way since the UK handover and has mixed the Eastern and Western economies and has positioned itself as an Asian powerhouse. However, most organisations venturing into Hong Kong face roadblocks that often make the processes we take for granted elsewhere a challenge here. Basic necessities like employment of a foreigner, administering of payroll, paying taxes are not that straightforward.

Navigate through Hong Kong's exhaustive labour and employment laws

Stay compliant with worker benefits and other provisions.

Overcome local talent shortage and access global talent in Hong Kong.

Specialized support for both expatriates and local consultants in Hong Kong.

Local Expertise

Country-Specific Solutions

Immigration Services

Hong Kong foreign talents must obtain a business visa and a work permit before starting work. Types of work visas:

  • General employmnt policy (GEP) visas
  • Training visas
  • Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS)
  • Quality migrant admission scheme visas
  • Technology talent admission scheme (TechTAS) visas
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Payroll Services

We help you manage wages and compensation according to Hong Kong's labour law. For example, minimum wage in Hong Kong is HK$40 per hour. You will also incur interest on outstanding salaries past seven days from the due date. Working with us helps you avoid pitfalls when navigating local labour mandates.

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Taxes & Social Security

All income derived from work performed in Hong Kong is subject to tax payment, regardless of payment location based on the reported monthly payroll. We shall deduct the respective tax amount each month accordingly and subsequently paid annually to the Hong Kong Tax Office.

Hong Kong wages attract an employer social security premium of 5% of the salary. Employee premium contribution is 5% of the salary as well. Maximum contribution is HKD1,500 per month.

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Hong Kong has 17 public holidays. Leave entitlement is often based on years of service e.g. One year of service has 7 days of paid annual leave, three years of service has 8 days and so on.
This is similarly applied to sick leave. Other leave benefits include

  • Compassionate leave
  • Wedding leave
  • Maternity and paternity leave
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Other Employer Costs & Insurance

Innovare’s insurance policy in Hong Kong (subject to terms and conditions) includes Professional indemnity insurance and Public liability insurance and is inclusive in our management fee. Workman compensation insurance is charged at cost.

Needless to say, all Employee of Record consultants are required to have adequate medical insurance to cover them throughout the entire contract. Medical insurance is a must for locals and expatriates working in Hong Kong.

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Payroll Services
Social Security Management

Hong Kong

Global Financial Hub

Hong Kong is a world renowned financial hub strategically positioned in the heart of Asia. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the 6th largest in the world.

Growing GDP

Hong Kong's GDP is expected to grow from 2024 to 2027, mainly due to its services sector. The services sector includes travel, trade, finance and transportation.

Government Support

There is robust government support for businesses in the form of grants, easy access to government services and streamlined visa arrangements.

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