Empower Your Business Expansion in Philippines with Innovare

Tap into Philippines' highly educated, skilled and cost-effective workforce. The Philippines is one of the world's largest business processing outsourcing (BPO) hubs and Southeast Asia's fastest-growing economy in 2023.

Strategic Recruitment Expertise

We understand the pivotal role that the right talent plays in the success of your business. Our approach to recruitment is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a perfect match between your organisation and our global talent pool.

Brief Overview

Innovare Philippines

Based in Metro Manila, Innovare Philippines (Five Lakes Consulting Services Inc) helps you unlock growth by accessing a growing, highly-skilled labour force. With little to no language, culture and bureaucratic barriers, the Philippines has been a hub for IT, customer service and the life sciences sectors.

Navigate Philippine's complicated regulations of foreign businesses.

Leverage the Philippine government's active support of the outsourcing industry.

Enjoy faster expansion & risk-free compliance through our EOR services.

Full contract management across multiple industries.

Local Expertise

Country-Specific Solutions

Immigration Services

There are 3 main Visa categories in the Philippines:  Immigrant, Non-Immigrant and Special Visa. 
Each category has its own list of visas that may apply and if you are applying for a work permit, you require the Employee Visa 9G.

We assist in ensuring you obtain the correct visa & help you with the work permit application.

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Payroll Administration

The Philippines requires a list of payroll compliance and has additional known payroll contributions. For example, employees who have during the calendar year is typically entitled to an annual 13th-month compensation, which must be paid during the year. Payroll also includes four main statutory contributions:

  • Social security
  • Income tax
  • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth)
  • Home Development Mutual Fund
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We help you navigate tax compliance and filing in the Philippines. Income tax rates ranges up to 35% depending on income brackets. There is also a 12% sales tax on all goods and services to be considered when conducting business in the country.

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Other Employer Costs and Insurance

Innovare’s insurance policy in Philippines (subject to terms and conditions) includes Professional indemnity insurance and Public liability insurance and is inclusive in our management fee. Workman compensation insurance is inclusive in the Social Security System premium.

Needless to say, all Employee of Record consultants are required to have adequate medical insurance to cover them throughout the entire contract. The health insurance scheme covers minimal benefits, hence, medical insurance is a must for locals and expatriates working in Philippines.

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Payroll Services
Social Security Management

Philippines Market

Highly Skilled Labour

The Philippines has a well-educated and skilled workforce that excels in the IT, customer service and life sciences sector.

Global Outsourcing Hub

Known for the BPO industry, the Philippines cost-efficient labour with cultural compatibility has a rich talent pool for any high growth organisation.

Market Access

The Philippines is strategically located within reach of major Asian & Oceanic markets.

Global Reach

Comprehensive Solutions, Tailored for You


You've got questions, and we have the answers.

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2) Do you assist clients with company incorporation in the Philippines? If so, to what extent do you provide support?

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4)  Does Innovare also support businesses with other aspects of setting up a business, such as becoming a member of a chamber of commerce or taking advantage of particular government schemes or grants in the Philippines? If yes, to what extent does that support extend?

5) How does Innovare assist clients with visa and work permit requirements in the Philippines? What documents do you require from clients to facilitate the visa application process?