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Innovare Singapore

Innovare Singapore, a pivotal member of the Innovare Group, specializes in facilitating smooth business expansion into Singapore's prosperous market. Leveraging comprehensive EOR services, we ensure your venture's seamless adaptation to the local business environment, supported by our in-depth expertise and commitment to compliance.

Expert navigation through Singapore's advanced free-market economy

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In Singapore, employers must provide a written contract detailing essential employment terms to new hires within 14 days of starting work. This contract ensures transparency by clearly outlining job responsibilities, work schedules, remuneration, and leave entitlements, setting a clear foundation for the employment relationship.

  • The contract specifies job scope and expectations for clarity.
  • It outlines work schedules to ensure mutual understanding.
  • Salary and payment details are clearly laid out for transparency.
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Payroll Services

Singapore mandates monthly salary payments within seven days post-period end, adhering to a standard workweek of 44 hours. Timely tax filings are crucial, with specific deadlines for both hardcopy and electronic submissions.

  • Salary paid once a month within seven days
  • 44-hour workweek limit
  • Tax filing deadlines: April 15 (hardcopy), April 18 (electronic)
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Singapore taxes all local income, with non-resident rates at 22% in 2022, rising to 24% in 2024. Employment income follows a separate taxation rule, ensuring equitable contributions.

  • All Singapore-sourced income is taxable
  • Non-resident tax rate: 22% (2022), 24% (2024)
  • Employment income taxed at 15% or resident rate, whichever higher
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Employees in Singapore enjoy statutory leave benefits including annual leave, maternity leave, and public holidays, enhancing work-life balance and job satisfaction.

  • Minimum of 7 days annual leave, increasing yearly up to 14 days
  • 16 weeks paid maternity leave for Singaporean citizens
  • 11 public holidays, in addition to annual leave
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Social Security Management

The CPF underpins Singapore's social security, covering retirement, healthcare, and housing needs through employer and employee contributions, ensuring comprehensive welfare.

  • CPF: Mandatory social security savings scheme
  • Funds split into Ordinary, MediSave, and Special accounts
  • Covers retirement pensions, medical expenses, and housing
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Termination processes in Singapore require adherence to mutual notice periods or payment in lieu, with no statutory severance unless specified in the employment contract.

  • Notice period identical for employer and employee
  • Payment in lieu of notice allowed
  • No statutory severance payment requirement
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Payroll Services
Social Security Management


Economic Dynamism

Singapore's economy is robust, driven by forward-thinking policies and a strategic location that appeals to businesses worldwide.

Skilled Workforce

The nation prides itself on a highly skilled workforce, leading in technology, finance, and commercial sectors.

Pro-Business Environment

Singapore's business-friendly policies create an ideal setting for companies looking to tap into the Asia-Pacific market.

Global Reach

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