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Myanmar has seen incredibly fast transformation as a nation since its opening to the world in 2011. Today, businesses look to Myanmar for its inexpensive labour, abundant natural resources and preferential treatment to foreign investments.

Strategic Recruitment Expertise

We understand the pivotal role that the right talent plays in the success of your business. Our approach to recruitment is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a perfect match between your organisation and our global talent pool.

Brief Overview

Innovare Myanmar

Innovare Myanmar is based in Yangon, Myanmar and is a wholly owned member of the Innovare Group. The opening up of Myanmar has created a buzz in the business community for several years. As the new emerging destination, it offers tremendous opportunities for the early movers. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) titled Myanmar as Asia's Final Frontier due to its relatively young market as it holds the largest growth potential given its infant stage.

Maximise various tax benefits from Myanmar's Special Economic Zones.

Mitigate risk as we handle policy updates and relevant reforms on your behalf.

We help you stay compliant to Myanmar's legal and regulatory framework.

Our consultants are with you throughout to navigate Myanmar's intricacies.

Local Expertise

Country-Specific Solutions

Immigration Services

Immigration laws in most countries in Asia Pac often hold a local entity responsible for the entry, wellbeing, good behaviour and eventual exit of the individual. This also ensures that local immigration and employment laws are adhered to. This host company will be the technical employer of the individual.

We assist with the sponsorship of a business or work visa. Please speak to your Innovare sales contact person who will determine the appropriate visa for you or your consultant.

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Payroll Administration

Our Myanmar company will administer the payroll for locals as well as for sponsored expatriates. Payroll is an essential function of any organisation but yet harbours complications as it requires understanding of Labour and Tax Laws. It is more than just the payment of salaries.

  • Comprehensive and accurate payroll including adjustments, overtime, expenses and more
  • Issuing employment certificates (PND 91 or equivalent)
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Tax Management

All income derived from work performed in Myanmar is subject to tax payment, regardless of payment location based on the reported monthly payroll. We shall deduct the respective tax amount each month accordingly and subsequently paid monthly to the Myanmar Tax Office.

  • Full compliance with statutes and applicable laws
  • Monthly reorts and statutory returns
  • Year-end reporting
  • Application to leave Myanmar - Tax Clearance
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Benefits Management

Employees in Myanmar enjoy statutory leave benefits including annual leave, maternity leave, and public holidays.

  • Tracking and reporting on company benefits 
  • Maintenance and administration of paper employee personnel files and the database of employee personal data
  • Tracking employee holidays, entitlement, limits and recording of absences
  • Monitoring of employment contracts duration, expiry, validity of health checks and occupational health and safety training courses
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Social Security Management

Myanmar wages attract a minimal employer social security premium of USD10 per month. Employee premium contribution is approximately USD5 per month.

  • Social Security Board (SSB) reporting and returns
  • Multi-currency payroll calculation (MMK, USD)
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Local Billing Services

In the event that you do not have an entity in Myanmar, Innovare can act as your representative for the purpose of billing your clients on your behalf.

  • Assistance in collaborative collection of monies
  • Full compliance with prevailing tax laws
  • Management of your margins
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Payroll Services
Social Security Management

Myanmar Market

Untapped Potential

As a fairly infant and emerging market, Myanmar has economical benefits today with a very large upside tomorrow.

Ongoing Transformation

Myanmar has shown its capabilities in undergoing tremendous transformation in a short span of time and we are optimistic of its near future.

Pro Foreign Investment

Within its Special Economic Zone, businesses enjoy corporate tax and duty exemption for 3 years, 5 years or 7 years, depending on the area.

Global Reach

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You've got questions, and we have the answers.

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4)  Does Innovare also support businesses with other aspects of setting up a business, such as becoming a member of a chamber of commerce or taking advantage of particular government schemes or grants in Myanmar? If yes, to what extent does that support extend?

5) How does Innovare assist clients with visa and work permit requirements in Myanmar? What documents do you require from clients to facilitate the visa application process?